Youtrace- 360 Rotating Phone Holder

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Your very own camera assistant

Youtrace helps you create the best dynamic shoots all by yourself! After mounting it on your phone, the A.I. will track your motions and move the camera to your position.

You won’t have to worry about blurred or uncentered images when you shoot because Youtrace can keep a steady lock on you at 360°. Just install the app and you are all set!

Youtrace not only tracks but can be set easily on tripods and flat surfaces to give you all the filming support you need. You now can shoot like a professional without needing an extra hand!


Always in the focus- The smart A.I. tracks your every movement in 360° to keep you always centered in the frame to help take the perfect shots!

Shoot in motion- On your next life, you can stay in motion knowing your actions are always captured. You have all the freedom to be as dynamic as you want!

The best cameraman- Make the perfect selfies and recordings without having to bother a friend to hold the camera. Shooting with Youtrace is always the best option!