Klarity-Perfect Oil Filter

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Hate Seeing Used Cooking Oil going To Waste? We Got You Covered.

Klarity is an excellent, state-of-the-art oil filter that will upgrade your kitchen to new heights. Too often, after a hefty cooking session, we are left with partially used oil that has too much debris for re-use. Sieve Pot will help you eliminate that problem with its excellent filter system.


Multi-Purpose: Apart from a strainer, Klarity is equipped with a high-quality base that serves as an excellent storage system for your filtered oil. It allows for the retention of the oil freshness for a long period of time. The Sieve Pot also comes with a nozzle spout that makes pouring oil easier.

Easy to handle: Klarity has a sturdy plastic handle that makes it extremely easy to wield around. The steel used is top notched quality that is light and sturdy, keeping it functional, durable, and easy to clean at the same time.

Eco-friendly: By using Klarity, you are saving a considerable amount of cooking oil that ultimately plays a role in the preservation of precious resources. Not only that, you are saving your own money as well as you can now easily filter your used oil, grease, fats, and others. Attractive, simple, and safe to use, you will most definitely get its value back in a short while!