CounterDrive- Steering Wheel Desk

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Fit A Desk In The Front Seat Of Your Car

CounterDrive brings a comfortable way of working and eating from the driver’s seat of your car! Use it every time when you need a space for your laptop, lunch, or papers.

The sturdy tray sits right in front of the steering wheel to help you eat comfortably and work easily on your laptop. Set it up in a second and you’ll have a convenient desk in the car.

Store it in the back seat to be ready to create working space at any time you need on your travels! Your car can be used for so much more with a desk inside!


Work from the car- Find how easy it is to write notes and work from your laptop in your vehicle when there is a desk just in front of you!

Mess-free snacking- Easily eat in your car without having to clean any messes after. You’ll snack as if you are sitting in front of a table!

Your portable desk- Put it up at any time you need a sturdy tray to hold your stuff to make life on the road easier and more convenient!

CounterDrive is the ultimate choice- Open the possibilities of what you can do comfortably in your vehicle to make every ride a smooth one!